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IMDB is chauvinistic

IMDB is one of the funnest search engines to use. When I get bored, I look up a film that left a memorable impression and ask myself, why haven't I seen the actors/actresses from that movie in anything else? I look up their names and check to see what they're working on, or what they've done in the past which I've missed. If nothing interests me, I'll click on a hotlink to list other actors and actresses born on the same date, born in the same city, etc.

Scorpio women fascinate me, but since one of the actresses I'm curious about happened to be born all the way in Australia, I begin to wonder whether it's possible to find a scorpio with a birth place of good ol` L.A. When I click the link that takes me to here,%20California,%20USA I notice that the list is comprised of all dudes. I click the link for the next 50, and more dudes. Hell, I even go to the location window and adjust the URL to skip 100, then 200. All dudes. WTF?

It's not until I skip 7600 that the list begins to reveal actresses. The URL looks like this,%20California,%20USA&skip=7600

I'm noting this hear so I don't have to spend twenty minutes or so figuring this out before I start to hunt some scorpions. I'm not really a believer in this stuff to the point of reading my own horoscope to see who I should and shouldn't talk to and what not. But I do believe that finding your soul mate might involve staying within the zodiac compatible signs. I don't really think I'll ever find a celebrity girlfriend (unless she's a porn star), but I am interesting in watching her movies.

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