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Food hunting

Recently I decided to eat out instead of packing a lunch bag for work. It seems eons ago when I would make pizza and take the leftovers to work. Since I haven't been making pizza, I really don't have anything to pack, and I've started to look into TV dinners and microwaveable burritos for work.

It's not very appetizing. I love burritos, but instead of packing one each day and lugging it to work, I'm going to eat them at home and just buy out (preferably not fast food). I really like Nicky D's at mid-day for lunch, but today I had to take a late lunch/early dinner—lunner for all those 7-11 regulars—so I go to a different little Italian restaurant in a small shopping center across from Astro's Family Restaurant.

It's a small little place with two booths and the first thing that goes through my mind is "what grade does this place have?" I look around and see an "A", but when I get back (to work) and look it up at I can't seem to find a listing for them. Hmn? I've heard of people making their own grade signs, but a person never thinks that this kind of thing will ever happen to them.
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