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(click for illustration)The other day, I'm at a concert and I'm just hanging out, taking in the show. The main performance was a bit bright so I focus my attention to the pit area, because that in itself is interesting. This one girl is totally getting into sucking the face off this old dude. People are ramming themselves into one another, the Honey Huan haircut chick is dancing up a storm (and shoving the moshers away when they get too close, but this one girl seems to have a reserve of oxygen in her pocket because every time I pick her out from the crowd, I see her lip locked with the same old dude, who kinda reminds me of Conan Nolan.

The last time I remember seeing somebody who reminded me of Conan Nolan, it was New Years Eve 2007 at the Whiskey-a-go-go. After the Wild Child concert ends, my date and I wait at the parking lot waiting for somebody to bring the car around. While I patiently wait, another couple arrive in the lot and get their car delivered before me.

So, I can't help thinking how ironic it must be to be hearing MINISTRY doing their grunge version of The doors song Roadhouse blues. Coincidence because back in 2007, that lip locked couple might've been me and my date down in the pit, while CN and his young companion looked down at us from the second floor. MINISTRY also played their rendition of Under my thumb by the RS. It's no surprise that I hypnotize easily when it comes to these kinds of visions. I'm like a dear in the middle of the road totally entrance by the head lights of an eighteen wheeler.

I'm gullible that way to a point, because I couldn't have cared less if the kissing couple had been two lesbians, or a blond with some lucky scorer, etc. There is a picture I have from plentyoffish which claim to find compatible people to date. One picture shows her lying in bed and the second picture is taken from an elevated standpoint. She calls herself calicricket, but she looks nothing like her second head shot. In fact, one picture looks as though she has black "Honey Huan" hair, and the second picture looks as though she has brown hair, like the gal at the HOB with her Conan Nolan friend. Why is this important? It is. Stalking is a zombie characteristic trademark.

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