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The issue is the first amendment. The judicial systems acts leary of passing judgement over whom the right to the same privileges a paid journalist gets seems controversial. Some of the newspaper publications that enjoyed first amendment rights are not making the same money they were making before the Internet became mainstream. Unless a subscriber to the various institutional magazines in print, nowhere can a person access miscellanious info like theories on the celestrial bodies dating back to the woodland period. contains interesting trivia resulting from scientific analyses utilizing computers to calculate which celestial body the Star of Bethlehem was considered to be during the birth of Christ.
People close to death who claim to see a light at the end of the tunnel can probably communicate with the dead too. Bier collides with full impact against a beam of steel and blacks out. His subduers take advantage of the temporary comatose condition he is under and tattoo his left arm with a girlie image of a fairy.
It's the ol catch 22 predicament. You can't have a union job without being in the union and you can't get in the union without having worked as an employee doing the job you are seeking representation. Bier couldn't get a job as an illustrator, so he began devising ways to show experience doing what he loves. One of the ways was painting numbers on rooftops of houses and buildings so that on-line map web sites could indicate where a particular address was located. Nobody seemed to mind since the can's of spray paint were left over from previous projects. This was something Bier thought was foolproof, but Bier didn't always think things through.
This is a sequence that not even a fly can witness.
The theme is suspenseful because, though many people might not understand Bier's plight to spray paint numeric addresses on as many rooftops as he can, he is finding a way to put to use his skills as a freelance artist. So, when he's about to get caught for breaking the law and vandalising private property, we almost hope he manages to escape.
Seeing that this scene is nearing the end, it also explains some of the reasons why Bier often was guided by his own intuition when making decisions.
Act One's Ticking Clock: The natural impulse to live makes life so umbearable for Bier. An obvious dream depicting a conversation with God helps him to recover from the failed attempts to get rich quick. It's like, "oh my god, how did he get from being chased by corrupt cops in the middle of the night, to this place where it seems to be daylight and pleasantly serene.
Completely disoriented, Bier attempts to express his thoughts to an all knowing entity. Surrounded by a thick mist of cloud cover below his knees, he doesn't feel comfortable taking any forward steps that he can't see. The alter-like divinity before him needs closer scrutiny, so he's stuck in a muck.
(to self)
Ours is a dying breed.
GOD (O.S.)
No. Look at Israel, America.
I was talking about journalism.
Bier holds up a folded issue of the daily newspaper.
GOD (O.S.)
Do not speak to me of the accomplishment achieved in the material world.
Concerned that whatever he might say might be his own demise, Bier thinks carefully.
But my prayers... they never got answered. Or if they were, it didn't help.
Frustrated at the way his life has turned out so far, he's ready to accept whatever judgement may bestow upon him. He opens the newspaper and begins to browse thru the pages.
GOD (O.S.)
Oh, alright. You were bound to get old and outdated anyway.
So I died in vain, then?
GOD (O.S.)
No. You are alive.
Bier wakes up. His face is glossy from urine leaving a bad taste in his mouth. He spits quite disgustedly as he takes in the smell of his damp clothes. He aches as he gets up and struggles to keep his balance. His eyes take a moment to adjust as his head aches and spins. Without knowing which way is home, he begins to walk away from the secluded lot and takes inventory of his injuries. He limps, rubs his arm, looks over his shoulder.
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