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Lotto numbers

What is this obsession I have with the number 13. I`m working on creating pentagrams on my computer using simple tools (ovals, squares and lines). I know there`s a star tool that will do the job, but there`s nothing like knowing the raw geometric process of being able to produce a pentagram anywhere, anytime which opens up a can of worms about why Greeks decided that a full circle is 360°, and half circles are 160°, and quarter circles are 90°, etc. Things like clocks, pentegons, fabonacci sequences, even geometry make me want to send eMail to my cousin, the Mathematician, to help enlighten me. Make me feel like like an alchemist.

Every time I skim books on wicca or black magic in search for the section which explains how to draw perfect pentagrams inside circles, it`s as if I were chasing my own tail. I never can find it. Finally I meet someone that has some geometry background who`s willing to explain the ratio of x to y for correctly plotting a pentagon. It`s here somewhere in all this clutter. Just the same, pentagons are useful in making pentagrams. I end up figuring the degree between a point on a star to the next point is 72°, correlating to the center of the object. And 72 is the sum 36 + 36, which I consider the pinnacle in understand the relation stars and baphomet have with the devil`s symbol, 666.

Before I started digging this area of mystique, my interpretation of the number 666 was a lame religious attempt at brainwashing devoted churchgoers into believing that the number 666 is bad. And if you grew up with a slight accent, then six six six and sex sex sex was all the same thing, bad.

Oh yes, almost forgot. I think I have this right, but the Euskara translation for the number one could very well be "bad".

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