Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Being hit by a bus

This looks so real. It's definitely not for the squeemish. What it's doing in liveleak's L.A. map might be a clue that it's not a genuine suicide. Running it over and over again, I get a feeling the girl's last words are "dead". I dunno how long this link will stay up…

Again, after repeated looks, I notice that the pavement has a discoloration as though the dampness of an early shoot was interrupted by the evaporation of dew on the street upon impact. Or, is this something that just happens when somebody gets run over by a car (like in the film Meet Joe Black)? It's a horrible snip to consider for casual conversation, unless it's fake. Then see how art critics will be commenting on the moral issues, the phoniness, etc. Here, art imitates death.

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