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This little article took several days to read. I'm like the poster chid for electronic books/magazines with my laptop wherever I go. Whether it's morning coffee at Starbucks or lunch at the breackroom at work, I have my browser programmed at the page I left off when I take up where I left off. Just as the article explains on the major differences blogging and traditional journalism seem savvy in their exploitation, halfway thru the article I'm wondering what the Huffington readers will be commenting about at the end of this article (unaware that I'm reading a column from the New Yorker Magazine). is the URL, however long that might effectively point to Eric Alterman's article.

Out of print is worth a second read. It's filled with phrases and viewpoints I envisioned quoting as a byline, like so:

Many of us have been remarkably, unaccountably complacent . . . quietly hoping that this thing called the digital revolution would just limp along

and here's a cute picture of a giraffe kissing a squirrel. Why? Because that must be one lonely squirrel to run the risk of such an enormous animal not deciding to momentarily change its diet.
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