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What could be more fun than looking up article in This little discovery may prove handy when I am stuck for an idea to an editorial. Who know if this idea will work, but the definition of hippo is a bit lame and I didn't even begin to start reading the long article on Hillary. Why is Hillary's definition longer than Obana?

Click here to see this cute short on the use of graphic software. It starts off innocent enough. A stick figure labeled "victim" as ljers might be familiar with in the numerous icons depicting an abused stick figure man. The short is done in flash and I found the link courtesy of a yahoo group for the society for calligraphy. Thanks Janet. This little story makes me want to run out and get myself a copy of flash. I've always dreamed of drawing my own cartoon, but I'm on the `puter all day long as it is now. Something like that would probably turn me into a zombie. Hey wait!!

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