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(click for illustration) Does anybody else wonder whether some of the laws that governed the middle east might not rub off of some of the troops there? Not too long ago, I had heard that some new laws would create harsher punishments or graffiti artists. Stiff fines, maybe even time. It would be really drastic if the law required amputation of fingers each time a tagger is busted.

Would it be so harsh to tattoo silly, meaningless things on a tagger's arm, neck, face? There's been some corny tattoos over the years, but since I read that interrogation methods of this government specializes in erasing the subconscious memory, and exposing one's worst fear and using that to force the enemy into submission, would the government ever go for exposing a tagger's most contradictory belief and tattoo it on him? Short of star of Davids on neo-nazi rebels and vice-a-versa, how harmful can a tattoo of Betty Boop or Hello Kitty be on a mean, tough gang banger. He can always get it removed if it bothered him that much.

It's just an idea. Perhaps if i was president, it would be something I would do.

I still don't understand cartoon panels. I can't get the design to flow from one panel to the next. I'm limited to drawing four sequential panels in one row, like the funny pages in the newspaper: Garfield, Blondie, Doonsbury, etc. I dunno about this new fond either. I'm hoping it'll grow on me, but it is straying from the norm of using capital letters. Perhaps I can do the same twisted lettering with caps and totally omit miniscules.

Notice the type in the spray can sound effect. That should probably be spelled "Phssst!"

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