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State of the bunyan

The tweaking has subsided. I dunno why I bothered. Here's what I did.

I was in a quandary about how to go about formatting the entries I decide should take a screenplay format. I usually do this for dialog I want to emphasize, instead of using quotation marks like normal people. Hey, I'm from Hollywood and people write different here. Quotation marks are for book titles and underlines are for hotlinks. Anyway, I have this writing software that also exports to html, so I said to myself, wouldn't it be cool to type up my entries on this screenwriting software (especially since, from time to time, the WIFI drops ze signal causing disastrous, unrecoverable results). That was the major motive for that, anyway.

Second, since I've tweaked the letterhead logo a few months ago, I just now took notice that I formatted it in PNG and the version of IE running on the public machines don't recognize it the way I intended it to look. I uploaded a JPG format and took a quick stroll down to my local public library.

I saw Shelby there. And what's the first thing I hear after she precariously turns toward the main entrance to meet the sound of an entering customer? "Nah-ah." I'm sorry about my spelling, but that would be the equivalent of a sarcastic whining "No-way." I don't think I had seen her since her last day at the salt mines, early last year. It was such a treat to chat with her and see how things were going.

Long story short. The letterhead logo now blends in with the white background of the paper. Maploco is well hidden behind paper and fully functional in profile.

There will be no more alterations. I'm crossing my fingers. I'm still going to read about DHTML, and it's going to be hard not to do little fixes here and there, but I have to constantly remind myself that I'm no web designer. That said, I'll be focusing more attention on the lettering for my doodles. The current lettering just doesn't measure up to some of the professionally drawn editorials I read today. I've already got something in mind, so keep me in your friends list so you don't miss out on the transition between old school political cartoons to neon stiff works.

Thank you for listening.

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