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Under construction for minor tweaking (again)

I just picked up a book Dynamic HTML because the research I've been doing on how to learn XML has divulged to me that one must understand stuff like DOM and API and JavaScript. This book is really thick and I'm like all over it, but with a slight ADD problem. The moment I read something that I hadn't understood before, I go right to my lj and fix it. Some of you might be seeing the locomap that I have in my profile summary here on the QHB page. Well, I apologize for that and the fact that I've spent zero time positioning it aesthetically. I just want to hide it because as long as it's loading (somewhere in the background) my locomap is earning visitation stars. They're really cute blue stars against a read and black map.

Earlier today, I thought i had successfully hid it, but then I opened Safari and saw that it was still there. I've hidden it again, I'm sure only to stumble onto it when I open my blog with a PC version of IE. I don't even want to think about Navigator, but I'm serious about thie O`Reilly book, the one with the flamingo illustration on it. It would be ironic that the book with the animal I have an interest on would be the book with all the answers. Hippos are my next fav animal. I wonder what O`Reilly book that one is.

You might be seeing more funky changes, but I won't be completely retrofitting my stylesheet for some time. This book has some 1073 pages, and I'm barely on 26. I feel like a student again. Zzzz

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