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26th March, 2008 Thumbnail
illustr/lettering by Henry (76534329@N00)

Sadly enough, it seems that The minor accomplishments of Jackie Woodman may be on hiatus or something. I don't recall removing the season ticket from my TiVo (as a result of disciplinary actions I put myself thru as a result of cheating during the WGA strike). This is the very reason why I try not to watch new shows no matter how positive the reviews they get. I never knew that The Garry Shandling Show was doing so well when I had decided to get HBO, or whatever channel it was on, but by then the series got itself canceled.

LA Weekly had a report on the Pellicano Briefs section called:

The Garry Shandling Show
Comic keeps straight face at pellicano trial
by Steven Mikulan
It turns out that the Pellicano trial is becoming a regular soap opera for me, although I wish I was a speed reader to have enough time read up on it all. It seems like there's more news to listen to/read up on on-line than there is on network media. It's like a blogosphere war against corporate media. After I learned that the trial was being held here in Los Angeles, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to spend the day at the federal building where the trial is taking place just to listen to the proceedings (as if they`d let me in) One of the things I regret not doing earlier in life is having lied in my resumé about my experience in graphic design. I probably wouldn't be in the dead end job I'm in now if I had maneuvered more strategically my job applications. I mean, everybody lies in their job application, right? So I guess I gotta start forging myself some press passes to get in on all the choosma.

I was brainstorming the picture above earlier in the week. It started off as a pelican speaking behind a podium in which various personalities and stereotypes like fishermen, grizzlies, a madame with fishnet stockings, Jesus Christ, and even a mafioso bearing the weight of an anchor would appear in the background as part of the spectators in the courtroom. Then I visited IF and started thinking of what a pet peeve was, as I never used the phrase myself. This got me thinking of why I'm not illustrating storyboard panels for the screenplay I keep insisting that I'm working on, and that was the seed for this scene. I realized on day that I was making the sign of the horns with my fingers (like at heavy metal concerts) whenever I would take aim at a fly to try to flick it dead.

After getting good at flicking flies dead, I began to feel as though I was saluting a fly, or beelzebub, with the sign of the horns (whenever I took aim at the peskey invader, mosca domestica. (I rarely to this kind of thing outdoors) So, if my movie ever gets made, it will contain a slow-mo of an actual fly being killed. Nobody cares about flies right? It's not like harming animals for the production of perfumes or anything.

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