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song & flick v. broadcast & calligraphy

I`m stoked on how many different ways there is on the web to stream music. Does anyone remember back in the early 80`s, late 70`s when the radio station KMET was side by side to KLOS? I could never decide which of the two was my fav, but I tended to tune into KLOS first (because it was on the side of the dial where most other popular stations were located.) After KMET folded, I didn`t think anything of it, until now. I never could figure out what they were trying to say with the call letters MET. It`s obvious to me now that KMET was short for METAL.

So what does KLOS abbreviate if not Los Angeles? For this one, I`m thinking that the K, together with L, is for kill. Maybe I`ve just been too close to Grafton books.

The O and the S mean the letter S doesn`t exist.
0=S This idea was implanted by my calligraphy instructor Reuben Allan. He believed there was no letter "s" and taught his class the entire alphabet, excluding S. It seemed his conviction was attributed to the difficulty in writing it out perfect each time. I`m wondering if that letter was derived from a cedilla, which would back up Reuben`s claim that S is useless. The letter c with a comma below is a cedilla and some may think it resemblances the letter S ( ç ). Well, maybe not, but they sound similar enough. And S is really only used in words to make them plural anyway. Yes, there are words with S that aren`t plural, but that could be a fluke. Those strange words could be spelled with an alternative f, without the crossbar. ftrange, isn`t it?

Iris brought back my DVD. She didn`t watch the music video obsessed with `til 4am on a workday. Another song I`m fond of is by Petula Clark. I first heard it in the film Simpatico. Nothing makes a song stand out like a good movie which uses it to hi-lite the story. Games people play doesn`t even appear on as a song in a movie soundtrack listing for Simpatico, but persistance revealed that Milan Records has an official site for it. I don`t think I prefer that over the DVD. Of course, the DVD goes for $14+.

Listening to regular FM again, I notice a few new stations. But there was one song on KCRW that I liked but couldn`t translate the lyrics to because they were Portugese (i guess). The song was Toada de dosengano by Mariza. I haven`t check iTunes. I heard Mariza is touring. I don`t think I`ll go since spending my hard earned cash on a concert with song lyrics that make little sense doesn`t seem wise.
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