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When I first started my ISP account, I still didn't know my way around the world wide web. Obsessed with the initials BS (Bea, Suzy), I made feeble efforts to conjure up catchy words, besides "bullshit", that these two letters might represent in a fictitious business name. I went as far as creating alternate e-mail addresses, one of which was Bernie Sterling. I still do that, actually. I've come up with Bier de Stone, bloodstone, slavezombie, which doesn't work so well but is catchy as hell, B Studio and a new one I just now made up: Biblio (something).

Bier McDonald wrote an article for the LA Weekly's March 21-27 issue (2008) Donald T. Sterling's Skid Row Mirage about some guy who owns the Clippers b-ball team. I could be wrong (b-ball to me has always been basketball, not baseball). Throughout the article, I can't help but think about the old hair metal band SKID ROW. One of my fav songs is MONKEY BUSINESS and it's hard not to wander off the story and think that Sebastian Bach one day screw up the lyrics to MONKEY BIZ and gets himself kicked off the band. I only feel that way because the third line had always sounded to me like "THE TEMPLAR KILLERS AND THE… (SOMTHING) CLOWN CLONES" That band was effected the same way Van Halen was when they lost David Lee Roth. Of course I'm far off subject and know nothing about why Sebastian left SKID ROW.

I know I've said that before (the SB debacle), but that's not what Bier McDonald writes about in his article about a miserly old fogey. I just found this an interesting read because of it's vague interest in homelessness. The cover art portrays a derelict using a newspaper as a blanket. Printed on the front page of blanket are the headlines Sterling Homeless, Medical and Legal Center. It's nice to know that issues making the news, though somberly noted by the Times, might explain the disappointment some folks live with their entire lives because of life events not panning out the way they dreamed. I can't complain because I appreciate my own living arrangement, no matter how lonely it is, and feel indebted to the people who make it possible. That's a lot of peeps. To think I would trade it all for some TLC and understanding is why I like keeping up on the mortgage scandal crisis.

This news story describes a man who takes his ex-lover to court to attempt to take back some property he probably gave to her as a gift to avoid hefty taxation. Then, when the couple had a falling out, the woman in question kept the house. Isn't that what marriage is all about? I keep telling myself this because I'm the kind of man who thinks that marriage is about love and giving, never taking. I believe buying a house for a spouse is a gesture of love, not financial investment. I believe love comes but once in a lifetime and I screwed up.

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