Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Some interesting trivia

Just thought I would do a search of celebs that/who may be compatible to me (according to chinese astrology combined with the zodiac). Chloë Sevigny`s name seems to have come up as being scorpio, having been born Nov. 18 and a tiger, year 1974. I can only remember seeing two of her films. Demonlover in 2002 and American Psycho. So far, I`d say, these films depict my kind of woman… what I mean is, if films usually cast roles with the actresses best suited for the part, then maybe there is some truth to all this astrology stuff.

I only checked for scorpios and haven`t search other water signs yet.

Peta Wilson`s name also came up for the scorpio/dog search (18 Nov 1970). I`ve only really seen La Femme Nikita partially. She must`ve been in the TV series, not the movie, because I don`t remember her face at all. Basically, this woman is doing TV mostly, but seems to have a film in process called Superman returns.

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