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19th March, 2008 Thumbnail
illustr/lettering by Henry (76534329@N00)

I was going to review this flick, but I didn't like it the first time I saw it and decided it would be a waste of time. Why review something I'm not trying to get people to watch? After pondering it a moment, I decide that the mechanics of the screenplay seem to be something to study. (I hope I haven't lost you readers yet. I'm just rambling to make my entry look just the way I want it to with this place text. Feel free to jump ahead to the script). After watching this film again, I think I'm getting a feel for the screenwriters attempt at rebelling from three act structure.

We hear voices all around a crowded room. Then stacks of video display panels, as if they were televisions stacked on top one another, but the dialog of conversation doesn't match the action. What must seem like TVs playing the same film on every set at BestBuy doesn't register, and what's obviously showing on screen must be some kind of care-center like hospital from One flew over the cuckoo's nest. As camera pans out, it exposes a macro shot of a fly's head; the multiscreened videos, it turns out, were close-ups of the eyes of a housefly.

At a distance, we can match the dialog taking place and who it is that is speaking.

I laughed at the departure from the train's bathroom scene. It's like I'm a cast out when I see a film in a theatre because the outbursts are never mine, and then, when I do feel like laughing, I hold it in if I don't anticipate hearing others laugh too.

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Weren't you surprised?

I cried at the temple of many wolves. It was there that I realize, after watching it a second time, that these characters are me. I'm Peter, with the migrains… the name. I'm Francis with the deliberate, yet mysterious, head injuries. I'm Jack, the mean, heartbroken bloke.

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I shed a tear at the birthday present, the funeral… the background music was done wisely in these sequences before the flashback. This is a tragic love story, I'm convinced, because what's a love story without humor to create the sensation of… of…

Bier pauses as he thinks and snaps his finger searching for the word.

        Bier (cont'd)
Commonality. Comradery.

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Aren't you being paranoid now? It sounds like you're saying the movie was done in your vain. Like you have three different personalities.

Life stages.

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Yeah. Don't do that. It's obvious that's not what the film is about.

Call me nuts then, but the mother is the mother to my MEAN MAN song by Blackie Lawless.

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