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17th March, 2008 Thumbnail
illustr/lettering) by Henry (76534329@N00)

An article on cartooning in the Best Sellers section of the Sunday edition of the LA Times, March 16 2008. Interesting.

Today was great. We seem to have had a birthday celebration at work and I didn’t need to heat up my canned tortilla soup. There were chicken empanadas, stuffed potato dumplings, subway sandwiches, KFC chicken, pizza, salad, Porto’s guava & cheese pastries, coffee, soda, milk, chips, chocolate cake… I’m stuffed. I feeling like taking a nap now.

We all began to talk about Jeff Garcia, a comedian who likes to bag on the audience with front row seats. Here’s a youtube video on Jeff bagging on a cop. Julz says she saw him at a party and DVD were being given away. She’s planning on bringing the DVD for show & tell. I still haven’t gotten back my DVD of Session 9.
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