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Pat drops in after umpteen years

I don’t remember where or how I stumbled onto this site, but with the convenience of a history equiped browser, I can backtrack my surfing to recall the origin of where various web sites were referred. I’ve tried everything from typing up my entries in less sophisticated word processors that can export to html, to advanced WPs with the capacity of xml. The goal is to type up an entry, together with images, links, text formatting and be able to copy and paste it into lj with minimum adjustments, while, at the same time, making an outline of how I got to where. I’ve lost complete entries as a result of losing the WIFI signal in the middle of submitting my labored compositions. One would think, if the “back” button didn’t restore text, then selecting “new entry” would prompt an alert box from lj asking if I wanted to restore the previously worked on text. I haven't tried that yet… it's something to consider… this narrow-minded attempt to simplify things may well be in vain.

It’s a site from somebody who knows first hand the trouble it takes to build a domain. The complexity involved in designing a wiki site. That’s the main reason why I relate to this rebirth entry with such positive acceptance. The idea of starting a bliki simply appeals to my fascination in puzzle solving, not my intellect.

The narrative by whom I just as well refer to as Lazy Adam for the reason that I continually find more and more cool step-by-step illustrations to building one’s personalized blog from scratch whenever I follow links on his page, in search for the web designer’s profile, reviews the old school wiki software known as Vanilla which powers langreiter dot com. I find that his POV somewhat familiar to my premature attempts to utilize Vanilla for my own web site (which never actually launched). I could not get past the download process to follow the steps in extracting the files and adjusting the settings to my system before I cautiously called it quits. If you’re an amateur web designer like me, and you’ve considering wikis as a blogging software, read this. I tried but don't feel as bad anymore as before I read rebirth which confides I'm not the only one who had difficulty. To say the least, I was intrigued with all the easy to read links. Becharmed by the author's consideration that reader might not have a clue as to what the comparison in software is all about, a previous version of lazyatom’s website,, is referred to with a hyperlink. Site hopping took me to an active Vanilla site, h-lame, containing tags just my speed. I clicked “cartoon” and browsed work by some talented artists, my favs being Pipingrad and Bobbins.

The IF word for the day/week is Heavy. I think it’s depressing that such a successful blog wouldn`t be a lj blog, but how much more inspiring can a word like “metal” be? I’m thinking of locomotive trains, the kind that used coal as fuel—if that’s not considered heavy, I dunno what is—a German Nazi, maybe Hitler himself, with caption “he’s not heavy, he’s my brother” because there’s been so many comparisons to the current administration that a train like that, in conjunction with the crimes committed during the holocaust, seem ideal as analogy to the traveling incinerator-like crematoriums the country is currently operating under. My dark humor envisions every train stop with a conductor refueling the engine by shoveling heaps of dead corpses into the flames. We’ll see how that works out on paper in the next few entries. I’m swamped with home bound tasks involving hygeinic cleanliness for the multiple fish tanks I own, plus one aquarium, the cat, and my bedroom, but wouldn’t it be terrific to devise a lj community devoted to politicized brainstorming of caricature concepts?

When you get a chance, be sure to check out the sexy cartoons Ben Camberos draws. I can’t help but lust over them myself. It’s straying a bit from the main topic, but hell, I’m not getting paid for this, so I may as well start writing on Casey Afflec.

Recalling the broken voice syndrome radio commercials, it's what I think of when I listen to the dialog of a film containing Casey Afflec. His movie Gone baby gone is absolute genius. Perhaps the credit should partially go to his director-brother, Ben, but I like the effect Casey’s voice has for his character, Patrick. Even in The assassination of Jesse James, his voice was very effective conveying a wannabe gangster. In Gone baby gone, I cannot help but soul search his character’s background as a person who eats a burger from a fast food joint to later discover that the cook (not chef) deliberately used saliva (more exactly derived from phlegm) to enhance the burger’s special sauce essence. The sanity of not forcing oneself to purge what is already eaten after such revelation, it seems, would change any man's voice to break in pitch the way Aflec's voice does. A result, no doubt, in trying to save face by indicating the burger tasted the same, while being disgusted short of vomitization. But that's just me. I wouldn’t come to this scenario if it wasn’t for the bar scene in Gone baby gone. Does a person trust a glass of beer from a bartender as irritating as the one working the bar Patrick visits to question some acquaintances who might have clues he can use to expose the kidnappers of a little girl? What is it about dirty bartender in films like Memento anyway?

btw, I would love to be a musician. Out of left field, I know, but totally relevant in my mind. I say this because choosing a hobby between screenwriting, film review, storyboards, political cartoons and developing blogs would mean zilch if I couldn’t describe the driving force behind what motivates me. True, I could never finish a project after it'd been started and a music cd would undoubtedly result in a one hit wonder, if a hit at all. It's like Jewel’s CD, Pieces of you, which made her claim to fame IMO. I haven't heard anything since to inspire me to go out and buy another Jewel CD. At least not since I listened to spirit. I love Who will save your soul. Back to Casey?

Aside from the voice that makes everything seem as though it’s said by uncertainty, the strong moral beliefs that the character Patrick Kenzie shows at the end makes me wonder about the direction the country is headed. Here is a film by an actor portraying a man with uncertainty in his voice, but possessing morals equivalent to all that is good, and because I started this entry on a different note, swerved to cartoons, then out of leftfield introduced Ben Afflec’s film, you can see how totally mixed up, and uncertain I am about the way I think. But I just call it the thinking process for the eventual conceptualization of upcoming illustrations on current events. Although child abduction is a serious issue, I don’t know what it’s like to lose a child. I might be able to describe what it’s like to want to have children, and not being able to (momentarily), but my dream was to become famous as a cartoonist and the desire to raise a family went in a different direction, or not.

So I dunno if Pat reads this blog. I dunno if she knows it exists. I considered sending a snail mail note apologizing for the crass manner in which I behaved on the ph. last night. It'll never happen.

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