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It should be raining now, right?

I’m really happy with my new glasses, and it’s fortunate that I found loads of news coverage to read on line about the Pellicano trail. I started reading the report from a new site called telephraph written by Catherin Elsworth. The title is Pellicano aide details hlwd spying. From there I stumbled onto a funny video as I did a quick surf of the new web site. Cruel and unusual footage of a scared shitless little boy.

After that I decided to read up on Nikki Finke’s take on the scandal.

NIKKI FINKE court/ usa

One of these articles I’ve been reading contained info on the federal courts building where all this action is taking place. That bit of insight took me to its web site at usa

That’s one of the things I like about Nikki’s web site, no relation to the brief sitcom by the same name that never quite made a claim in prime time. I have yet to read up on the NY Times article dated 3/13/6 and Steven Mukulan’s (from LA Weekly) view on the case.

Here’s one I missed too. CR & AP’s secret ph. call: the tryst, the tissue of DNA and all the details


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