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I don't know why this sign seems a bit redundant and repetitive. You would think that the city would remove one of the signs since the alternate also covers the time zone of the reduntant one, but it's probably because parking tickets vary in cost from offense to offense that you see somthing like this. Perhaps a handicap parking zone is more expensive to park in than a cleaning zone or a simply don't - park - the - fuck - here - unless - you - live - here zone.

Remember when I had that doctors appointment for a physical, and I'm asked to get the blood tests on a day when I've had nothing to eat for at least several hours? If you don't I've created an image map to the photo of the parking signs. I'm doing this as a photo project to learn the basics of image map tags; so there might be other funky photos in my journal in future. Yesterday I had been trying to take close up photos of my new fishies and my cheap camera wouldn't focus on them. Also, fish know when something's fishy. Just before bed, I give them a peak to see how they're doing and they're playful and saying hi to me by swimming to and fro as if expectant of a morsel. I leave and come back with my camera and begin focusing on them when all of a sudden they swim away. They're camera shy, how sweet.

The other link in this image map will take you to a disgruntled tax payer who seems to believe that he's issued parking tickets in error. I think I'll give him the benefit of the doubt (for what it's worth) because the PVB can be SOBs. I can see myself getting all flustered by being told to go here and go there to find more information pertaining to a case with little accomplishment. I guess when a person decides to contest something legally, they have to act like assholes and obtain signatures of each and every referrer, reserving the right to call such person as witnesses in the event that the case goes to court. More trouble than it's worth.


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