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A good year

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A good year is a film I meant to watch sooner. It is about two people finding each other under some unusual circumstances, to say the least. It is a film by Ridley Scott, but the reason I know I had meant to watch this film sooner is because most films by Ridley Scott contain his wife Giannina Facio as an extra. In this film, she plays the Maitre `D.

I sat thru this DVD twice and replayed the scene containing the meeting between Maxi and his lawyer friend. The only part I had interest in was any aspect of Giannina within the boundaries of the camera. The scene begins with her standing near the entrance of the restaurant. It's the only shot I get to glance at her lovely legs. She blends in with the crowd while chatting to some women sitting at the bar. When Giannina spots an important customer, she simply turns her attention away from her attentive drinkers and attends to business.

Without giving too much away from the film, this scene in particular is a lot like the setting for the entire plot of the film, to the extent of the working environment where the other main character works. Maxi (short for Maximillion) seems to be attracted to a French woman he meets while on holiday in Provence, France to settle an estate inheritance. I’ll tell you, however, that the first time I saw the film, too little time and emphasis was placed on Maxi’s realization that his Uncle Henry passes away.

There isn’t much to the scene at the meeting between the 'Wall Street' tycoon and his lawyer friend, except that I find that I come to realize that am fascinated by watching the "extras" in the background. A lifestyle in which play time takes you to Piccadilly Circus in London can’t possibly compete with anything I can imagine in the states, but a neighboring town where Maximillion has inherited a vineyard the size of a mansion soon changes this financial guru's philosophy of life and in essense, the women of France easily win over his heart. Personally, I would settle for the maitre `D’s working in a high brow restaurant in London.

Look at Francis Duflot’s wife and her exuberance for cooking. What I would do to have a woman like that… But the French are dangerous too. An outburst of anger which escapes Fanny’s lips when Maxi nearly kills her on the road translates unlike anything I've ever heard in the streets of L.A.

Although my French sucks, I think the English translation is: “Go stick a prick up your ass!” which totally went over my head since this film does not contain subtitles for the every occurance of French dialog. In the beginning, there's a scene in which a French speaking GPS guiding devise in a tiny car is translated thru subtitles. Although this film isn’t something I think I’ll be pondering over in my head the way Closer, Derailed, and other memorable films still linger in my mind, it wasn’t nearly as forgettable as The family stone which rocked me to sleep while eating fish-n-chips.

Speaking of which, say hello to my little babies up above. This is a picture of the new addition in the family. Aren't they cute. They talk too. "Blip blip blip" so cute.

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