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7th March, 2008 Thumbnail
illust/lettering by Henry Aguirre

Last night I stopped by Masa of Echo Park to try their Chicago deep dish pan pizza. It was good, but I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more if I had taken half of it home in a doggy bag to eat later. Pizza tends to last a couple days in the fridge, and since I had plans for lunch with a co-worker friend for the following day, I figured I’d just carry it all in my stomach.

Whenever I have pizza, I expect there to be plenty of red pepper flakes. The dispenser shakers that are used at most restaurants for red pepper flakes (and parmesan cheese) don’t really work for me unless I unscrew the lid and sprinkle them very carefully so as to distribute all over evenly. I like the taste I get with this kind of seasoning, but I pay like hell for it afterward. I was so close to calling in sick to work today with a claim of diarhia.

I’m all better now, but I didn’t know, when I arrived to Masa, that an order for this type of pizza takes an hour preparation. As I sit at my table of one nursing my IPA, I begin to wonder why my beer was given that name. Indian Pale Ale sounds like pre-modern Chicha and, while I sit with my thoughts of an imaginary friend, a writing procss for a scene in a script, I find myself squinting toward the couple across the room, from which the high pitch shrill of a voice reminds me of Jennifer Tilly. All I can do is catch one or two words from this JT look-a-like and guess what context she is using them in, but my imagination gets carried away and it’s not long before I feel like we’re all one big happy family, dining at the most comfortable, homey food place in town.

You know what?


You look like Nosferatu when you do your hands like that.

And what or who is Nosfertu… or whatever?

You’ve never seen the movie Nosferatu?

It’s a movie?

It’s a vampire movie. You should shave your head.
An expressionless pause from Bier staves off this remark

Did you order an IPA beer?


You know that’s spit, right?


Yeah! Stands for Indian Pale Ale. That’s how the native Americans of South America brew their beer.

That sounds like Chicha you’re talking about.

Don’t believe me.

No. I don’t. You’re trying to rile me up.


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