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You know how Barack and Hill are constantly at each other’s throats about who is stealing who’s concept on running the country, well there’s a cool Ted Rall cartoon about just that and I’m wishing I came up with that concept. I wish I was Ted Rall. I like that it found it’s way into the LA Times today. That’s always cool to have happen. I’m still waiting to get discovered myself. Please, somebody call me and tell me you want to give me money to use my illustrations.

Anyway, I read one of the Xeni plugs dating back one year from the NY Times. Apparently, she almost got in with Fox TV, but because the network wasn’t willing to give her creative rights to her style and contributions to boingboing, she walked. That’s gutsy and I’m thinking twice before I consider watching something on TV that is Fox produced.

Yesterday, the librarian told me that Parker Posey is working on a new TV series. I think it’s called The return of Jezebel James and now I’m curious whether it’s going to film in LA or NY.

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