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a href="" title="f4">(click for illustration)</a> Here's a little ditty I did while waiting for customers at the mortuus litteræ. Notice the typo? It's in the date. I'm still living in February. Sod's law. That was the last thing (finishing touches) to this doodle. Running out of time, Jude came up behind me and began to read over my shoulder.

Have I been hearing Xeni Jardin on my radio tuned to KFWB 980AM? She has her own wikipedia page and, though she hasn't been entering anything into the blog portion of her site, the press area of her domain seem active enough.

I'm thinking of changing the background to my entries to color coordinate the way revisions for screenplays are handles by using different color bond paper. I think film studios use

blue paper for the first revision of a page,
pink for a second revision,
green is the third revision,
yellow for the fourth page,
goldenrod is the fifth page of revised script,
and salmon for the sixth revision, in that that order.

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