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Bumper stickers in California

This is from a study started from urbaniak about a mysterious bumper sticker he saw. In an effort to help bring some logical meaning to it, others have taken the task of juggling the letters. A noble deed as movie fans and fiction readers have been bitten by the conspiracy bug after The Da Vinci code. I’m posting this to my blog a bit hastily. I like the results of what toddalcott came up with in his attempt to decipher the political slogans. Although I believe deciphering text should include the distortion of letters, since soft "s" and ß have been obliterated from the alphabet (now I see why my calligraphy teacher was right when he said "there is no 's' in the alphabet"), and I don't know if you've noticed, but when people speak, they tend to pronounce their "t" as "d". I'm convinced that the slogan must include the "porn" word so here's my 2¢.

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