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Who's Chad (what's his name) on 103.1FM?

I’m stubborn. I refuse to go back to school to learn a few computer skills the easy way because school sucks. I feel there should be no need for school since I work in a place that is swarming with books. Those XML books are just too complicated and my brain works in a way that naively sees something fun to do and I skip chapters to try to get them functional on my computer. Then everything crashes and I end having to re-install stuff. Sometimes it even means losing some of my files. That’s not cool.

Anyway, this may sound nerdy, but here wee go: certain word processing software I have running on this machine contain the feature of saving in various formats. One of them is HTML. The plus about utilizing a WP before copying and pasting entire text to the post entry field on lj is that I can spell check quicker, verify that my text is the way I formatted it (bold, indexed, underlined, hot linked, etc.)

I have bundled software called AppleWorks. I like the way it transforms my special characters into… (hmmn? whatchamacallit) escape codes. In other words, when I want to type something like a dagger symbol, I can use code like this

† or the numeric hexadecimal value for that symbol. Nifty, huh. I dunno if I have the option to indicate that I want a black heart glyph or a skull and bones glymph in my composition, rather than an umlaut over the letter “u” or a tilde over an “n”, but it’s the thought that counts. I just feel that this feature has promise for hacking in and making changes so that all the cool UTF32 characters are represented. I mean, there’s glyphs in unicode that symbolize the radiation symbol and the hazard chemical symbol, but one symbol I never see is the three pointed symbol for the Japanese god of war.


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