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I meant to mention in an entry I didn’t believe contained enough substance to hold a readers interest that I’ve been glancing at the digital timer on my clocks, car stereo and DVD player and noticing that the number I’m always looking at is 123. This number has much significance to me as opposed to the number 11:11 which I’ve heard freaks people out whenever they look at their digital clocks and seem to feel they constantly see this hour displayed. It got so obsessive that I began to wonder about 3:15, what I call the witching hour’s moment of truth. I don’t know where, but I’ve heard that Christ died on the cross at that exact moment in time during daylight.

I’m curious about the position of the hands in old school watches and clocks. It’s a time of day (or night) when both hands point in the same position. I scrutinized this for a moment. Not true, I say, 9:45 is also a time when both the hour and the minute hand point in the same direction; not to mention 6:30 and 12 noon.

Not true again. If you compensate for the minutes in which the hour hand gradually moves into position toward the next hour, the little hand on a clock is already 75% into the nine position. So technically, the time in which both hands intersect is around 9:47 or 9:48. Same is true for 6:30. At that hour, the two hands don’t run into each other until 6:33 which is the halfway point between the number six and the number 7.

Why does this matter?

It is the only place I can go as a result of thinking about the number 123 which was the anniversary date when I successfully got myself a date with my high school sweetheart. It was a turning point for me because she was too good for me. In those days, it was a big deal, at least on TV, about how guys constantly forgot their anniversary date and I thought the number 123 was easy to remember for the month and date in which we carpooled to the Griffith Park Observatory. We had planned to see the laserium show consisting of popular music (rock) but instead took in the classical music show, which was alright with me because I had grown up on that stuff having taken piano lessons until I was about twelve.

Telephone conversation

I figured out a new way to remember our first date


It’s 123. The numbers 1&2 represent the month, and the numbers 2&3 represent the date. Now I only have to remember the year.

So that’s my story about the number 123, which doesn’t make sense because that date fell on a Thursday. But it’s the only date I’ve had that’s meant more to me than any other day with a girl on a so-called first, second, third, home-run date.


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