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Da Vinci code

Reading about the Merovingian Dynasty, I`m curious now about the star of Spica in the constellation Virgo. This is what sparks interest. It seems as if the description defining the bloodline of the antichrist relies a lot upon pagan religion in that constellations were the heavan defining various different Gods. It further describes the star Spica as a symbol of the coming of Christ (being born of a virgin), blah, blah, blah.

Maybe I`ve been living in the city too long, but all the airplanes, helicopters and satellites in space, which shine their blinker lites and such, seem to drain out all the natural light coming from stars.

Karen is threatening to hit my head

So, anyway. Back to topic, if you can call it that. All those artistic portraits of Saints and Angels always seem to have a halo of brightness above their head. I`m wondering if this halo could`ve been some kind of premonition from the creators of the coming doom of the effect which heavenly constellations can have on people.

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