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Nobody sounds cuter when reading the news on the radio than Judy Ford from KFWB 980AM. Once in a while I stay up late doing stuff like making a really attractive entry for my Quest for the Hollywood Buzz blog. I might also stay up watching movies, reading a good book. BTW, I just received my book, Gonzo: the life of Hunter S. Thompson. 8-D

Yesterday I had to drag myself to the Doctor's office for the second half of my physical. I have to remember for next time to not eat b-fast before these doctor visits. Parking went up a dollar and it's just senseless that I'm paying $4.00 for parking during my 2–part physical. After that, I said to myself, WTH, let's go on a shopping spree. I made an appointment with my eye doctor, planning to take advantage of the free glasses I get every year thru my insurance. I fall in love with some titanium frames and caching! $400 (ballpark). It's almost shameful that I don't take more self photos for this blog.

Yesterday I stumble onto somebody's blog, an artist, who does portait illustrations of the peeps who send him a photo of themselves. I say to myself, that's cool. I wanna do that, but I'm terrible at drawing. And that's the whole point; so I decide to procrastinate the idea until I create a mailform for peeps to submit their pix and a fav quote, line, word or letters because that's what I do. I add captions.

I was planning to stop by Rubens, but I forgot where he lives. I wanted to see his awesome knife collection. There's a spyderco knife I'm seriously considering (after the prices goes down). I can stop by when it's time to p/u my new glasses; by then I'll have received the new clothes I purchased on-line. I did pick up a new shirt at SLICK FIT at the Brbk mall. When I get home I say to myself, that shirt needs a tie, and a blazer to go with it. This is exactly the reason why I don't like to get in my head the idea that I need to go shopping for new clothes.

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