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Yesterdays debate between the democratic nominees was the first time I had heard anything about Plagiarism. Geez, I literally pulled out my dict and read its definition "act of taking someone's words or ideas…" Then, to make things interesting I pulled up the def. for First Amendment and read it as "guarantees right of free expression, including freedom of the press. Personally, I'm concerned about Americans first amendment rights.

While most people were probably watching the local news to see the developing news concerning gang rivalry across the street from work, I was safe at home enjoying a day off. I spent it going to see a highly recommended flick called The orphanage. Good flick. It make you jump and wonder whether you're at that age when you should consider a movie in terms of a roller coaster at Magic Mountain. "Will I survive this flick without a heart attack or an aneurysm?"

I am not a supporter of any of the current prez candidates running for office, but what else is new?—I don't like anybody. I have a feeling that Hillary is going to pull off a come–back after Texas and Ohio. The commentators reviewing the debates have said that Hillary came out the winner. Because I had not caught any of the plagiaristic accusations before this, nor place much emphasis on it when Hillary insinuated Obama was the carbon copy prez candidate, I took those comments to mean Obama was not using his own words (slang) to address the voters.


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