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I didn't get a chance to finish reading The shock doctrine because it was just too slow of a read for me. As I continuously lie to myself, as I do about most things in life, about picking it up later, I seem to be spending more time on the computer while I bitch about having stacks of books by my bed.

Okay, don't worry about feeling bad just becuz you couldn't finish this one. Remember the chapter you are on, make a point to check it out again when the planets are aligned and intellectual exploration is in your horoscope.

        ME (CONT'D)

I wonder how the Iron Maiden concert went for Jules. I had tagged along on a quick shop stop to p/u the LIVE AFTER DEATH DVD. Target didn't have it. They sent us on a wild goose chase. I haven't been on one of those for awhile. Geese are the funniest creatures. Well fed and kept happy, a goose with the run of the yard can be one of the most astonishing sights to see. But then, last time I was at the zoo, the ostriches were racing toward me and sticking their heads over the fence to give me a kiss. Story of my life. I attract ducks, ostriches and geese, but never bomb shells.

I swear, if there always seems to be a bargain somewhere, it's a trade off for the lack of service. Same kinda thing happened with me at Costco. There I am with about seven different discount coupons. I'm still drinking V-8, but I am having an occasional beer now and again. Costco has two versions of V-8 cans, large and small. I of course pick up the large, but the cashier says to me that the coupon is for the small cans. Who reads the fine print? Also, I'll rarely be caught shopping at Costco, or Super King for that matter, during rush hour. I have a business membership that allows me into Costco between 10am and 11am. I can't begin to describe how nice that is, but this special treatment only occurs on weekdays, not weekends, AND HOLIDAYS APPARENTLY. I was there yesterday and, at the first occurrence of shopping cart congestion, I began to frown. Ugh.

I found this really cool place in Hlwd for halloween stuff. I can't remember what is was. I stumbled onto it when I decided to do some shopping for semi-gothic pants. I'm really just considering cargo pants, but I want them to be black, so I figure someplace goth might be the easiest way to go. Anything that makes shopping easier and quicker is a plus for me. As I'm shopping on-line, I hear that Castro is stepping down from his position in Cuba. Jules says she's heard rumors that he's dead since nobody's really seen him after his sudden illness. I dunno if that's true. I do wonder whether businesses are going to start sending their jobs to Cuba now that there's so much talk in the senate about punishing the employers who run sweatshops, and hire immigrants. Bush was looking pale frazzled today. I hope he hasn't caught malaria on his visit to Ghana.


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