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I can never stick to one project until it's finished. I'll start writing sequences and when I get stuck, I turn to editing css code on this blog. I try to learn a new song on my guitar, and when I'm stuck, I grab a good book. One of the books I'm certain I'm finished with, now that I've concluded the real reason my Firefox browser has been acting sluggish, is Don't click on the blue e!. I downloaded the latest version of Firefox, and i discovered that Opera has that same 'keyword' feature, so I'll soon be adjusting those keywords to match the same keystrokes. I like running several browsers at a time when I'm on-line.

Another book that almost had me convinced that I could tackle programming tasks in Java and what not, is Spidering hacks. I'll be glad to rid myself of that book. The projects seem so easy to do, but I honestly think the author focuses more on PC and Linux platforms. One of the programming projects I was seriously considering would've automated the tasks of accessing these websites and putting together a collage of images in one single html file.

I'm not even sure half of these web sites are active anymore. I thought it would be helpful for my own illustration, but I think I'll just save these URLs in bookmarks and manually download the pages when I feel like it.

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