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Billboard design 101

If you're advertisement doesn't appear like you are intentionally discouraging taggers from defacing your sign, then it is a very good chance that they will. They aren't dumb you know. It's hard work expressing themselves in writing without getting caught AND for the small notoriety they get out of it too, not worth the effort. Just take a look at how much planning must've gone into doing something like this and then tell me that they can't do God's billboard too.

I kind of like the new Toyota ad. It would be nice and different if advertisers would adapt ground root concepts of design to give their posters a human touch. I wanna shout "stop turning a blind eye, Americans!" No, the next prez isn't going to "make the change" of reclassifying the war on terror to a crusading holy war. Torture techniques won't be on the top of the list for things to do on his/her first day of work. If you think computers aren't controlling people yet, why are satellites so frightening? Okay, okay. Maybe it is a little far out to think of signs in terms of color frequencies that can penetrate our brains and tell us what to do. When I see a poster for a new movie, this is what I want to do: read reviews about it to see if it's good. Check who's in it to see if I like them. Check when film is released. Find good location to watch film. And lastly, schedule my meals around the flick so that I can call the popcorn lunch or dinner.

This second billboard must have something to do with that Rocky poster I've been seeing.

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