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Thank you for being concise. One more question. Are you a real baseball player?

This soliloquy transpired between a congressional interview of an American baseball athlete. It transpires during a televised House Oversite Committee on Feb 13, 2008. My apologies for the ugly hi-liting effect I make throughout the transcript. It seems I can't make any sense out of css transparence code just as I can't understand the answer to the "yes or no" question imposed to Roger Clemens. I'm going to either remove the hi-lites or fixe the leading. I won't fix the leading because I try to condense my writing to appear as though it's brief. (i.e. I wouldn't have this problem if I would maintain default settings on the line spacing of my entries).

The purspose for the hi=lite thing is so I can commit this css feature to memory. You may see a few entries with it. I hi-lite parts of Clemens response that appear to illuminate his guilt. Then again, who's to say he isn't trying to hide his guilt, he's just doing what he would naturally do as a manly man who has been caught with a puppeteers hand up his ass.

        REP. ELIJAH CUMMINGS (D-Maryland)
Now Mister Clemens, I'm reminding you that you are under oath. Now, Mister Clemens, do you think Mister Pettite was lying when he told a committee that you`d admitted using Human Growth H–H–Hormones?

Mister Congressman, Andy is my friend. He will… he was my friend before this. He will be my friend after this. And, again, I think Andy has misheard.

        REP. ELIJAH CUMMINGS (D-Maryland)
I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.

I believe Andy has misheard, Mister Congressman, on his comments on myself using HGH which never happened. The conversation that I can recall that I had with Andy Pettite was at my house in Houston while we were working out, and I had expressed to him about a TV show, or something, that I`ve heard about. Three older men that were using HGH and getting back their quality of life from that. Those are the conversations that I can remember. Andy and eye`s [sic] friendship and closeness was such that—first of all, when I learned, when he was uh… when he said that he used HGH, I was shocked. I had no idea. When I just heard your statement and Andy about, that he.. also injected himself, I was shocked. I had no idea that Andy Pettite had used HGH—my problem with what Andy says, and why I think he misremembers is, that if Andy Pettite knew that I had used HGH, or I had told Andy Pettite that I had used HGH, before he would use the prod.. the subs.. the, the HGH, what have you, he'd`ve come to me and asked me about it. That's how close our relationship was, and then, when he did use it, I'm sure he would've told me he used it. And I say that for the fact that we also used a product of.. called Hydroxycut and Thermacore. It had Ephedra in it. Uh, from what I understand to be a natural tree root. I believe Ephedra was banned at some, uhm, 2004… eh, something of that nature. Uh-uh, of, uh, a player in Baltimore, uh, passed away because of it. Andy and I talked openly about this, uh, product, and uh, so there's no question in my mind that we'd`ve talked if he knew that I had tried or done HGH which I did not. He would've come to me to ask me those questions.

I'm not about to analyze the man's mental stability. In fact, I'm really on his side because he seems like the rebel with a cause. I know nothing about HGH other than it's been described like a substance that is gotten from male hormones, and my simple brain interprets that as drinking from the male tit. And we all know what kind of behavior to expect when one male is suckling on another man's tit.

Read it again and see if there isn't a play in words taking place in his answer. I hi-lited stuff I thought vaguely described homosexual activity in the relationship which is every man's right to keep secret, unless he's getting a divorce. I guess. I've never been married.

I've underlined sentences that seem incomplete. But I still don't know what they mean when you put the underlined text together, which only makes me wonder about the kind of "work-out" Pettite and Clemens underwent in his house in Houston. This brief response to the yes or no question posed to Clemens about HGH seems like the movie of the century. The film that lasts 90 minutes and spans the duration of ten minutes, the time it took to answer the congressman's question.

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