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(click for illustration) Yesterday I found myself channel surfing. This years's WGA strike seems to have affected my enthusiasm for TV watching and all the old shows I tuned in on before (House, Big love, Sarah Silverman Show, 30 rock, Henry Rollins Show), I've removed from my TiVo's season pass. I recall last week, when I sat in for HBO boxing, that a rematch between Pavlik/Taylor was being discussed. I actually saw that fight the first time on HBO and it was awesome. The upcoming Taylor/Pavlik fight was being anticipated for the 16. So, I'm flipping thru the channels in search for the boxing matches between Taylor/Pavlik to take place one week from then. Not finding anything, I simply discarded the whole thing as my imagination and/or misreading what I`d heard by the HBO Boxing hosts about a Pavlik/Taylor rematch.

I have to say, however, I was inches from searching for a radio station where I might've been able to at least listen to the fight.

Then yesterday, I searched for any boxing sports on HBO programming but found that there was only a pay per view event airing the Pavlik/Taylor rematch for $40+. Being the cheapskate that I am, I passed and settled for reading about it the next day. That's today. Sunday is always Meet the press day with the neighbors over coffee, but I haven't seen anything on the news of the fight all day. I checked ESPN, CNN, Fox; I moved on to searches on-line using Google, Yahoo!, etc.

I end up desperately utilizing "blog" search engines for any entries by possible sports fan who saw the fight and happened to write something about it. I try and, Yahoo! and whatever the hell. Nothing. It isn't until I try an obsolete search engines I rarely rely upon to do searches anymore: which I was actually saving as a last resort after zero results from I use Pavlik vs. Taylor as my search criteria, then click on the NEWS hotlink (just as I`d done with Google). The results seem jumbled between commentaries about the first Pavlik/Taylor fight dating back several months ago, so I click on the radio button next to the sort by date option, and what do I find but bragging rights corner. It is here where I learn that Pavlik wins the rematch, unless I totally can't read and this blogger was being overly sarcastic.

This brings an important issue to mind. The networks don't give away the news because 1. people may have had to borrow the event on VHS from somebody and therefore don't want to know who wins yet, or 2. this little tid bit wasn't going to appear in the Sunday Times newspaper anyway, so readers would have to wait `til the Monday release and therefore, the [on-line] networks aren't going to spoil news rack sales by offering the news early. If, it being voting season this year, peeps are relying on the web, the major search engines, the major TV news media, talk radio etc. to help them arrive at a decision, what`s to prevent major corps from manipulating the results? After all, that voting ballot disqualification for voters who didn't indicate a political party is almost, if not equal to, the hanging chad debacle. One would think that finding results of the Pavlik/Taylor fight would be easy enough by simply visiting CNN or ESPN dot com, or some random sports news channels on TV. Does the blogosphere have what it takes to steal the elections away from big corporations and media mainstream?


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