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Spoiler to my own screenplay. Sorry, that's just the kinda guy I am.

I just thought up a really good twist for the ending of the screenplay I'm… I've been working on for like ever. It's been done before, of course. Do you remember the film The sixth sense? You remember how it ends, right? Big surprise for the main character, something totally unexpected. That's my main character too, except it takes place in the 21st century and my screenplay is an MPAA rated R film.

What do you mean?

People aren't afraid of seeing ghosts anymore.

Oh, hell no. I would like to see the people you are referring to spend a night at 1408—whatever the name of the street is—from that movie 1408. Did you see that?

Yeah. Cool flick. That's another thing, in films, I rarely see the main characters quoting from their fav films.

Stop! Stick to one subject please

Okay, take for instance this conversation. Pretend I'm dead. A ghost. Not here. Everything you've just audibly said is justified in some way, but everything I said didn't take place other than in my head, if I had a head.

Weird. Example.

Okay wiseguy. You've practically said stuff nobody would normally have said in a room by themselves. You either have a blue tooth in your ear, or even freakier, you're just being your normal gothic self.

Awesome. Now hurry up and finish your script.
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