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Star 98.7

I dislike this radio station. I'm typing my previous entry on my laptop and listening to some song on the radio. I can't place it's title, nor the band. I ask around. Nobody knows. I pull up the website. I check their last ten songs played list. There's no indication of the time of day their songs are playing so I have to either know the preceding song or the subsequent song to the song in question. Here is the list of the possible songs that may have been the song I wanted to list under "song of the day" on here.
  • Apologize - ONE REPUBLIC
  • Numb - LINKIN PARK
  • Bleed it out - LINKIN PARK
  • Supernatural superserious - REM
  • Come as you are - NIRVANA
  • It's not my time - 3 DOORS DOWN
  • Dani California - RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS
  • My hero - FOO FIGHTERS
  • Believe - BRAVERY
  • Misery business - Paramore

… and you know what the worst part is? I already forgot how the damn song goes.


Oh, look what I found.

The song I'm talking about wat NOT listed. That's convenient. Now I know why I dislike STAR-98!!


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