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Keyword feature

(click for illustration) I think my very first web browser, and it was a semi-web browser at that, was AOL. There were plans to offer access to the www, but I had a dial up connection back then and it wouldn't`ve done me any good anyways. I dropped AOL for EarthLink but remember missing their keyword feature where you could type a keyword into a "keyword" field box and the browser would take you wherever that particular keyword's destination was designed to take you.

267 pages of Firefox clues is titled Don't click on the blue e!: switching to Firefox by Scott Granneman. This is probably going to be one of those books that get old really fast. This one happens to be by O`Reilly with a publication date of 2005. Check it out.

I'm not going to read it cover to cover though, because if I do, I just know I'll crash my little MacBook and all my files will be kaput. I have to remember to tread carefully on this machine because I'm not yet done with the DVD project. I'm compiling a bunch of boring DVDs that will probably be my doom one day. Just wait and see.

So, the section on keywords explains really easily how to place a keyword search feature so that a person can search on a dedicated website. At first I became confused because I was actually on the tool bar window where keyword searches are typed in; and I was trying to click that with the second mouse button, which made no sense at all because step one was to open the web site of interest for the search. Lets pretend we're talking New York Times dot com. This popular site has it's own dedicated search field where you can type something like "John Ritter trial" or "heroine overdose" and every news article within the web site will be listed.

In that field box where you normally type a search criteria, that's where you're supposed to click with the second mouse button (or < ctrl > mouse button for Mac users), and a submenu pops up. Select "Add a keyword for this search"

The window that pops up is where you name your new bookmark info. Remember, however, this is not a normal bookmark. It is supposed to function as a keyword search thingymajig. For I would choose a keyword like "ny". Once you click "done", it's time to test it. In the URL field box (the place where you type a web site address that you know by heart like is where you type this ny Screen Actors Guild strike and miraculously, your web browser displays results from only with related subject. Cool huh. I'll shut up now.

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