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I don't think I would've enjoyed this film had I not known already that the screenwriter's previous career involved either pole dancing, stripping or that oldest profession we all know and love. I may have read something about Diablo Cody in an peeps weekly, ent. weekly or us that justifies that sort of behavior if one is putting themselves through school.

But jou know, it's just wrong of me to approach this flick from a chauvinistic perspective. Yet, without giving away too much of the plot, I have to say that this film is an extensive research in slang. I got the impression that this film was written by a person who spent considerable time reading urbandictionary dot com.

It's safe to say that the screenwriter addresses the controversial issue of unplanned parenthood. In fact, one scene involving Ellen Page's character, Juno, and her best friend, Leah, bring attention to one-sided objectives some girls will partake to snare a husband at the early age of sixteen, seventeen, eighteen. But that's not what boggles the mind here in my dim world of existance.

My world spins around the movies I commit to memory, and when a film doesn't get the exposure it was originally planned for, I have to wait for an alternative. I don't have to say that I've already begun to use some of Plainview's dialog in There will be blood. I like saying "Give us a spin, doll.", from May, too. Oddly enough, we rarely see characters in film quoting their own favorite lines from their fav films.

SFX: some catchy tune as ringer from a cell phone

Hello. Reitman.

J.R. O'Haver. Glad to see I caught you live. How are you on time?

Not bad. I could spare a couple. Are you revoking my film?

Nothing of the sort. I'm actually doing fine, J.R. Just sending a heads up that I've finished my film and mention to my star that I would assist in finding her more parts—a task not so simple when my release is being pushed back—and the editing room is filled with reals of unused footage.

Is that so? Well then, I suppose I could make arrangements to pair Ellen with upcoming new talent running along the same lines of childhood promiscuity

Great. I owe you one buddy.
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