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Greta Garbo

Anyone know where I might find a copy of the Divine Woman on DVD? I got my second sheet of Gret Garbo 37¢ stamps before the USPS decide to hike the basic rate. I have one sheet at work and one sheet at home. I was thinking of buying 100 stamps thru the Internet at but the require a $1.00 handling fee, which isn`t outrageous, but I have to start thinking of conserving money if I`m ever to improve my living conditions. I don`t wanna become another wild_lotus in the cash dept., but I swear on my gramma`s grave, her posts are sexier than catherinekeener`s role in Full frontal. Anyway, maybe I`ll end up buying 100 stamps thru the web. Greta was unforgettable, and my postman`s happy to pick up outgoing mail as late as 5:30!

Oh, it`s the dinner bell. There`s a pizza with (almost spoiled) mushrooms and olives piping hot in the oven. If I move, I don`t know how I`ll ever manage making pizza in such a small house with such a large yard screaming for bar-b-que cuisine. But, that`s life isn`t it? I hope my friend wild_lotus Wild_lotus finds some unexpected huge amounts of cash in an old pocket soon, or a winning lotto ticket, which reminds me, I gotta buy a ticket whenever I get around to restocking my ice-cream supply at Rite-aid. I`m watchin` Larry King interview a christian, which is most fun in my condition (not really listening to tune, momentarily). Just thought it might be cool to let you know that I plan on listening to SLEATER KINNEY`s The wood soon (in it`s entirety).

I wanna buy Simpatico! I need to see that film again. Soon.

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