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(click for illustration) I'm just kidding about the donations. I don't need my readers to harness a guilt trip about the headaches, the wrist pain, the joint pain, etc. I'll charge you guys money when I have a nifty craft item, like leather finger gloves that you can hold and use (to keep your fingers warm). One day I'll set up that pay pal account. I'm seriously considering etsy dot com. We'll see.

Bier mutters to self, answering his own rants.

That previous entry about the newspaper article addressing destroyed videos… That the president should be subpeonaed to submit a report explaining his cabinet's actions by a judge was quite interesting.

Yes it was. And just this morning, I read in the Times that the Prez made a statement justifying the technique made popular during the Spanish Inquisitionas reasonable interrogation methods.

This was the same president who took the country to war, one day verbally describing his plans as a crusade, and swearing to the people that it wasn't a holy war, rather a war on terrorism.

So let's recap.

The prez backs his Attorny General because he's going to seek advice for the subpoena from him, he OK's the torture technique to get the senate to draw up a law, indicating it's humane characteristics, so he can veto it and seem rightous for doing so. Asking the prez why, if the interrogation technique involving water boarding is claimed to be merciful, why, then, did the CIA cover it up by distroying the tapes.

YouTube is going to be so happening now that a video leak isn't going to seem crude.

† "The technique has been traced to the Spanish Inquisition and has been the subject of war crimes dating back a century." -Greg Miller, Los Angeles Times, Feb. 7, 2008 §A1
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