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The brilliance of the moon

I'm curious to see footage in old (maybe b&w) films containing the full moon. It is the Yambo inside of me who seems interested in a venture to recall memories of my first double date at the Griffith Park Observatory. I'm not afflicted in any other way that the main character of novel The mysterious flame of Queen Loana seemed to be, an obsession with books containing the word "fog", but some other characteristics do seem befitting, like being a book dealer. Although book dealers are to library clerks like newspaper stands are to coffee shops, I would be so lucky if my life, as I know it, was simply the result of having suffered amnesia. Somewhere I must have a loving wife watching over me, and perhaps, on occasion, I see her, but I don't recognize her.

Here's a wish list of films I see that might be obtainable at my local library, or not. Besides all being old films, the thing they have in common is a keyword "moon" on IMDB.

  • Dark Shadows
  • Ninotchka (not on keyword list but just wanted to see how Garbo compares to Posey)
  • Moonstruck
  • The road to Hong Kong (1962, Bing Crosby, [not yet avail on DVD])
  • Sunrise: a song of two humans (not yet avail. but it's by F.W. Murnau)
  • Cat women of the moon (in VHS format only)
That was a short list. Next time, I think I'll do a boolean search of romance AND moon.
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