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29th January, 2008 ©
Today's blanket sin
One of my fav blog sites that had a major influence on me is I guess it baffled me for being so simple, and yet so difficult to navigate. I think I was just barely getting familiar with html when I stumbled onto Christian's web site. Anyway, the URL I've inked above the collage is one of the web sites that the many members of langreiter plug. Unsuspectingly, I stumbled onto one of the better hard core sites, which I'm sure the guys reading this might find interesting enough to decipher my writing (a list of the highest ranking movers in the Internet world)

This brings to mind an article by Susie Bright called Men who love burgers and loathe sex. I guess what's in question here is the sexless marriage of convenience, something that may become more and more popular if a woman is elected to office. But I only say that because of the Monica Lewinsky scandal that must've tarnished the sanctity of their union. I wonder if Hill would be a shoe for the presidency if that infidelity had not occured, or whether perhaps it`s helping her campaign.


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