Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

It is raining salon's in Glnd.

I got thru the first 48 minutes of a 90 minute movie (film) called This is not a film. It really isn't, but the thing that hooked me in is my desire to write a similar story. It's been what I'm working on and thinking of whenever I draw a stupid cartoon. I consider my cartoons story boards, AND I'm having difficulty linking them together. So, if you consider that, This is not a film is quite good in comparison.

Something weird is happening on my computer with the entry titles. How weird. I think it may be a copyright issue thing since I mentioned in my profile page that I'm using Carumba fonts by Jill Bell. Leave it to me to feel like somebody hacked into my blog. Nothing is sacred anymore!

The title is supposed to read "it's raining salon's in Glendale", but my computer displays this: I     ai  i  g    al    `    i  &emsp   l  d. This is what I mean about this country. I get called an indian giver, or just plain "half breed", but here you have it.


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