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fluffyblanket is right. Anarchy rules!

So this is the way being democratic about things go (in this country). One of the issues at work is the magical unlocking devices. You know, the ones that don't let you walk out of Macy's or Bloomingdales without paying somebody. I do customer service here too and the counter where I perfect these clerical skills have got two computers. So, technically people can form two lines. The problem is that only one terminal has the unlocking mechanism, so when a second clerk stops by to try to help out, she has to get in the other clerk's face.

This has bothered me only because a second unlocking device is just floating around in the other room for convenience of other employees to use once in a blue moon. When I asked my boss if it would be possible to attach the second device to something near the second computer, she said she would bring this up in a meeting to arrive at a solution by bringing it to a vote. I e-mail these reminders to her, but this particular screwy concern was sent out to her weeks ago. So she forgot to bring it up in today's meeting to put the damn issue to a vote. If this is how democracy works, I don't want a democrat as president myself.

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