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Bier de Stone

Why be repetitive?

19th January, 2008 ©
Today's blanket sin
Ooh, I like how the picture of the wolves gets a holographic shine to it. That's from having used the flash on my camera, because the second flashless exposure I took didn't have so much illumination. I only wish I had a decent frame to use to hang it at my desk.

It looks like I'll be working on a new banner-type proverb I just conjured up in place of "Quest for the Hlwd buzz". It's a long one. The quality of the picture I'm displaying here is really low on resolution, so I'll have to type it out for you so you all can give me your opinion. It says: Sans-Serif Vs. Gothic is to Antiqua Vs. Fraktur as Inquisition Vs. Internet is to disputes of Kulterkampf. Dang. I don't really know if this makes sense, but if it does and you like it, please credit me with it.


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