Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Jesus fuck! I purchased software the other day. Concerned that I wouldn't know how to make a back-up version of it, I spend an extra S&H charge ($8.00) and settle for a delayed arrival by snail mail. I received a confirmation letter by e-mail accounts, and the package arrived yesterday. I plan to upload my new software today, at work, and make a quick glance at installation jargon included with my new software. I find that the serial number is nowhere in site. Since I'm considering sending the registration form too, which requires this info, I find printed on one of the papery inserts with in my package that the serial number is in the confirmation e-mail that was sent when I placed the order. I figure I'll just install BBEdit and access my e-mail on the laptop at work.

Wrong again. It's not enough this could've been resolved by purchasing an immediate download, but the stupid e-mail reader I have is set up to remove received messages from the server, and I received the confirmation message on my desktop computer. Jeezus Jeezus Jeezus. So, I'm psyching myself up to read my book at work and wait until later, my Saturday night, to install and play with my gadgets.


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