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The film doesn't get too far into the plot before the scene where the three waitresses are seated on what looks like a bench in this movie still from People, US, or Entertainment Weekly. Back then, I remember feeling a bit curious about it, but totally forgot that I would've liked to have watched the film at some point or another. It would help if I scrolled through my previous entries, but you can imagine the scare I gave myself pulling this previous entry with the snip when I saw my high school prom photo. Why? I want to know why I do things like upload pictures like that. I swear, sometimes I think I don't know the year I'm living in.

Incidentally, my header is going through some design changes. Though this simulation of a letterhead is crooked and ugly like a motherfffff… if I didn't make a place setting for it, I could end up brainstorming some other silly slogan like Brazen Abbot eat's honey brazen flies. Speaking of which, Avantasia's new CD Scarecrow goes on sale 2/5/8. (Oh yeah, and tix go on sale tomorrow for MEGADETH and CHILDREN OF BODOM.)

Throughout this movie, I kept thinking, the doctor is being played by Jason Bateman. The resemblance between Nathan Fillion is perplexing. Then, I'm trying to place the actress Cheryl Hines, because I know I've seen her in something else. It could be Suddenly Susan since I use to watch that show while it lasted, but IMDB seems to have Cheryl in just one episode of that sitcom, and I know I've seen this woman in something bigger than that, I just can't recall. It took me awhile to recognize Andy Griffith too, though I couldn't conjure up his name other than that he was Matlock.

My friends suggested I watch this DVD because the screenwriter was brutally murdered not long after the film's release, or shortly before it. That was news to me. Since we're walking down memory lane, Earl, the mean, selfish, insensitive husband in the film has his moments when his gestures remind me of Edgar, the alien cockroach possessed rancher in Men in black. I enjoyed watching the way poor Earl is flat out lied to by his wife. He's so busy controlling her, that he doesn't see beyond what he wants to hear, but Jenna doesn't take any risks and when the timing is ripe, she puts her foot down. While there are moments in this film when you think Earl is going to kill Jenna before she has a chance to live, his insecurity takes a 360° turn. I found myself sharing his sorrow at times. Maybe this is a chick flick, but I didn't nod off not once.

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