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The sole graphic novel I'll ever pick up to read is THB

Just when I gave up looking for interesting stuff to gank over to Q.4 the Hollywood buzz, I find out that Paul Pope of THB fame is running his own blogspot called Pulp hope. The color bar and registration mark which he seems to've adopted as signature identifier to his previous website,, also is utilizes as head banner. A classic trademark for underground, black market comics to say the least.

His entries seem to be filled with opinionated ideas only a seasoned cartoonist could possibly communicated to his readers. I stumbled onto an entry called black letter, early on in his new found blogging venture, and I thought it was quite insightful to my obsessive perseverance in reviving fraktur as a recognized writing form. In a follow–up entry to this same topic, pp goes further into subject of calligraphy by explaining design concepts on the new THB logo for the next piece of THB merchendise. See blackletter 2 for the gothic version of THB that, at first, reminded me of "the singer formerly known as Prince" symbol. That this new, radically form of writing should be placed in center of the sky, makes me wonder whether pp too sees ghost glyph floating before his eyes like I do. I tell myself, "at least I'm not hearing words in my head", but the newly designed logo reminded me of that next. I see the THB now in his radical new design, and it's a wonderful way to liven things up in a dark, sinister method.

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