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2 girls 1 cup

Yesterday, one minute ago, I successfully tracked down the mysterious person behind the photos of various popular bloggers here on lj. She is none other than yumnaaa and as I helplessly surfed her site, I stumbled on some of her YouTube videos, flickr pix and domain name, It was fun to say the least, but, of course, I got carried away with one of her communities on lj and followed several silly links on her stayslutty site.

After rebooting my computer not once, but several times, I returned to her YouTube vids and found a little project about the gross video everyone is talking about, that I haven't seen yet, and now that I've read a review on it, don't plan to see it. Thanks Xeni Jardin!

While Julz probably laughs her head off about my trying to search for the famous "2 girls 1 cup" video (at work), when I saw yumnaaa recording people's reactions on watching the video, I honestly thought it was a simply pornographic flick. I followed similar links on the YouTube site where yumnaaa, aka precious, has her own flick, to see if I could find the actual video, but I only manages to see other people's reactions to it while they watched it. I thought, what a trend. This is terrific! The only thing missing is a police officer somewhere in the background minding his own business while peeps record their reaction to watching pornography out in public. Wow!!

My reaction to what I thought 2 girls 1 cup was about, lesbian porn, don't ask. It's like the blind leading the blind, I imagine. Fighting fire with fire. Adding to the fuel. etc.

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